Week Twelve

Reflection of my journey- Introspection


You have come to the end of my journey! Thankyou for following my journey over the last twelve weeks.

At the start of the project, I was a little unsure of what community to conduct research on, however I am truly happy that I chose the Yoga community as it has developed my personal interest in the subject and has made me evaluate what I consume and I started changing my behaviours in the making of this project.

In the early stages, I was unsure on what a Netnography was, but after following the protocols of Robert Kozinets in his book: Netnography: Doing Ethnographic Research online I am now aware of how to do this type of work in the future. I aspire to work in Marketing after my degree alongside Yoga too and this work has allowed me to develop my researching skills of communities and will assist me in my future career. By gaining a deeper understanding of Impression Management theory and Social Comparison theory, I was able to understand why Yogis in the community may feel pressured to conform to their stereotypical identity.

In the early days of data collection, my first perceptions what that yogis would just post pictures of healthy food and were Vegan but as the weeks went on, I seen new information that broadened the scope of my research even further.

I found that although Yoga is more modern in today’s society, the traditional culture of Ahimsa still exists, however people’s perceptions on what it entails vary. I think the fact that conflicting interests in the yoga community exist and it not something I expected.

After my degree I hope to India and go on an intense yoga teacher training course where I will also be following a vegan diet and be learning more about Ahimsa.

In the first few weeks I started to think that if I did not stop eating meat that I would be judged for not conforming to the true yogi identity, however I have found that there are some people in the community who have an open-minded view on Ahimsa and that I would not be judged for not changing my ways. I was shocked to find transgressive approaches to my previous few weeks data and that yogis who eat meat actually do exist in the yoga world. This is relieving and I know I would not be less of a yogi if I continued to eat meat, however this research has encouraged me to possibly reduce my meat intake in future.

I found the main themes in my data where Veganism, Being Health conscious and a transgressive approach which I found the most interesting. By using the grounded analysis on a weekly basis, I was able to categorise my data into sections, making the process more manageable.

Overall over the last few weeks, I feel my feelings and my research skills have developed. I also learned how to use new social networking platforms.

Thanks for reading for digital diary! 🙂


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