Week Eleven

All good things come to an end…

Hi welcome to week Eleven! Sadly we are coming to an end to my research project and I want to show you a little more information I have found from the Meat eating side to Yoga.


(Image extracted from Kathryn Budig Pinterest page)

The research I have been conducting over the past few weeks has sparked interest on a vast new range of topics relating to Yoga such as Ahimsa, Veganism and healthy eating and it has actually encouraged and inspired me to become more mindful of what I eat. This week I have started to explore eating raw, organic foods and have attempted making Tara’s ‘Green Dream’ smoothie which we seen in the earlier weeks. (Mine did not look as yummy as hers!)

This week I become a subscriber of Elephant Journal and stumbled across this article which sums up my research from last week relating to non conforming to the rules which exist in the community and it also brings the topic of Ahimsa back into light.

eating animals

From the article, I found that some people in the community believe that Ahimsa can still be incorporated into life even when eating meat which challenges the views of others who believe that eating meat is the opposite. It seems that there are variations of what people think ‘Ahimsa’ is and this may be relating to how Yoga has become more Westernised.


Over the past few weeks I have found that the Yoga community is really broad therefore I am going to pick out the most important themes in my data. The most interesting part of this project have definitely been finding people in the community who have broken the patterns of veganism as it was unexpected and conflicts with the others themes which have emerged.

Thanks for reading and see you next week for my final diary!

Namaste 🙂



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