Week Five

Picture Perfect…

This week, I have decided to look at how Kathryn Budig constructs her online identity through food images like Tara and I will see if any similarities or differences occur. The first place I will be looking for this data is on her Facebook page.

bee pollen

(Image from Kathryn Budig’s Facebook page)

The image above is from Kathryn’s Facebook page and I have so far found this the most interesting out of all of the food images I have interpreted so far. I think the image looks very unusual and quirky, I found it really hard to make out what the ingredients were in at first in the photo. At first I thought this was a green plate with a selection of nuts  but when reading the description on Facebook I found out this is an overhead shot of her smoothie she had made. The vibrant shocking image made me take a second glance, as it would with other people in the community.


The orange objects on top of the smoothie is Bee Pollen. I did not know Bee pollen was edible until seeing this photograph. This may portray that Kathryn has an adventurous personality.

When observing the comments from people in the community, one that caught my attention was “Nice. You have an expensive camera can I have it”? This draws attention to the possibility that Kathryn may have expensive material objects in her life (like an expensive camera), and again I believe this conflicts with the value to detachment in true Yogic philosophy.

The rest of the comments are mainly demonstrating positive feedback and agreement in the community and 470 people had liked her image.


The above image is extracted from Kathryn’s Facebook page and there is a discussion around her image from people in the community. It had received a lot of traffic due to the 596 likes and 19 shares. The first person who commented asked what she is having to drink and the second person below assumes that she is having a beer with her meal. She did not respond to any of these questions or comments however she did like their comments. This subtlety hints that she was in fact drinking beer but she has not actually confirmed it. This shows that she may feel like hiding the fact she is consuming alcohol as it there may be a pressure to act a certain way in the Yoga community.

From drawing quick conclusions of her image, I can see that healthy ingredients are used through the green leaves and raw ingredients which strongly relates to being health conscious and being a Vegan or Vegetarian. A trend I am starting to see already over the past two weeks is that all the yogis conform to eating healthily, using raw ingredients and prepare their own food. The pattern on the bowl looks fun and vibrant, showing us that Kathryn may be projecting that she has a fun and bright nature to her personality. The beer in the image portrays that she may have a more laid back personality when it comes to consumption.

Thanks for joining me this week, please follow me next week to see if Heidi Krisoffer conducts her personality online in a similar fashion.

Namaste 🙂



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