Week Six

Foodie Photos

Hello and welcome to week six of my journey, this week following on from how Tara and Kathryn construct their online identity through the media they post about food, I am going to look at how Heidi Kristoffer portrays her online identity. The first place I have gone to look for photos is on her Tumblr page called ‘Heidi’s food for flight’ which is the platform she uses most to post her vegan food photos. She has a lot of where she takes on the challenge of turning dishes which are usually omitted from the vegan or yogi lifestyle and making alternative vegan versions of it.


(Image from Heidi Kristoffers Tumblr Page)

From drawing quick conclusions of the above image, I can see that there is a lot of green apparent in the image from both the dish and the bowl which represents health and nature tying in with the yogi lifestyle and supports the trends I have seen over the last few weeks.

heidi food

From drawing quick conclusions of the photo, I can see that the photo is not highly styled like Taras and Heidis images which may represent that she is not as conscious of how people perceive her in the community in comparison. This image is extracted from her Tumblr page/ When observing her language, I can see the use of the #Vegan, #Glutenfree and #Whatvegans eat relate to themes of Veganism in the yoga community.

Over the last few weeks of observing from Tumblr and Facebook and coding my photos in the data collection process of my Netnography, I have started to find many similar codes and no emergence of any new codes therefore I will be channelling my research towards other sources to see if I find anything new.

This week I decided to try to engage with the Yoga community and see if Veganism and incorporating Ahimsa in my life in the future is what they deem necessary to conform with being a proper Yogi. Unfortunately, nobody in the community responded which I found unusual however I will show my attempt of interaction within the community around my topic.


Thanks for joining me this week! Please join next week where I will start looking at what people are posting in the community and discussions surrounded by their posts.

Namaste 🙂 x


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