Week Nine

Tara’s blog & the use of Grounded Theory 2

Over the past few weeks, I feel like I have spent most of my time observing photographs and I have noticed that there are many similarities in most photos between Tara, Kathryn and Heidi, therefore I have decided to narrow down my research and observe the language and discussion from Tara’s blog.


(Image from Tara Stiles Eats Tumblr page)

The first place I looked for this information is on Tara Stiles Blog page where I observed the language used in one of her posts labelled “7 Day Healing Through Whole Foods and Calm Mind Challenge!” I have decided to use the Grounded Analysis approach again by the use coding the data.

tara 7 day callage

          When evaluating this piece of data, I have found that Tara uses various words and phrases which relate to the concept of healthy eating or being health conscious which is a trend I found from evaluating photographs over the last few weeks. The phrases that support this trend in this piece of data are ‘nourishing food’, Phrases like ‘prepare’ ‘experimenting’, ‘cooking’ and ‘preparing’ support the trend that yogis in the online community take time to prepare and cook their own meals and do not resort to buying pre-packaged processed food.

In this piece of data, Tara talks about meeting her ‘husband’, which is not directly related to food however it confirms that she values relationships in her life which has also been supported by some of the photos I have interpreted.

Words like ‘calm’ and ‘peaceful state of mind’ also project she has a calm nature, which you would suspect from the personality of a yoga teacher.

Additionally, she uses the post to market her book which demonstrates self promotion.

There is a lot of discussion surrounding this post and it received 59 comments of people sharing their thoughts in the community which mainly reflect positive feedback and agreement. The comment below shows how a community member feels inspired to eat healthy and prepare her own meals since practicing yoga demonstrating that yoga and healthy eating go hand in hand. This is a trend I have been seeing and it starts to create a cultural norm.


I read the further discussion around this post and found some information about a person who feels ‘guilt’ due to eating meat. This shows there is a pressure to confirm to the cultural rules of being vegan/vegetarian in the online yoga culture.


What i noticed was that the poster says that her meat-eating experience goes against her ‘moral philosophy of life’, however I believe if this was a philosophy she lived by she would never be tempted to eat meat in the first place. This shows that the poster feels the need to conform to behaving a certain way to fit in with the online yoga community and she demonstrates that she is overwhelmed by feelings of guilt by saying ‘screw up’, ‘i knew I shouldn’t do it’, ‘i felt very guilty’ and ‘I will never do it again.’ I found this very interesting as she is pressuring herself to act a certain way to conform to her self-identity. She also demonstrates detachment from material objects through ‘id rather spend money on good, healthy fruits and veggies…’ 

This week I found something new in the data, which shows a person who has gone against the cultural norm of Veganism in the yoga community. This is something I will revisit next week and opens a new door in my analysis of the community.

Thanks for joining this week!

Namaste! 🙂



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